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More stories from Belarus!

Hello again and more stories from Belarus!

One day in summer I went for a walk with my friend Alex. The weather was fine. Suddenly I saw a puppy. The puppy was small and nice. I liked it very much. I decided to take the puppy home. Every day I fed it and looked after it. One day in the morning I didn’t find it. I looked for it everywhere, I called it by name, but the puppy didn’t respond. Next day when I went out the house I saw the puppy in the street. It wasn’t alone. The puppy was with its mother. It was merry. I smiled and stroked the puppy and its mother. I calmed down because the puppy found its mother.

Roman Greshchick
6th form

Once I saw a stork with a beat wing. It was running along the field. I called my granny. We bandaged its wing and took it home. In few days it recovered and flew away. I have never seen it again.

Tatiana Kamenshchikova
6th form

I have a puppy. He is small, good and kind. He likes to run, to play with me. But once he fell ill. We thought he would die. My mother and I took him to the vet. The vet prescribed some medicine for my poor puppy. We were very sad but didn’t lose our hope. Soon he began to eat a little and drink water. It was a good sign. And we wre not mistaken. Soon he recovered. I was happy. He meets me after shool and we play again. We are best friends.

Ilia Chertok
6th form

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