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Helping Orphans

Helping orphans and taking care of them is a more than a good deed, Its more like noble work which shows how much does this person cares for those who are suffering, like these children who are suffering their loss of their parents, Yoman decided to talk to you about this headline in the next article..

” Have you ever thought of these people, those who lost their parents, even the father, mother or both? When they were children they needed every second to live in the presence of their parents.

May be you didn’t know the feeling of the Orphans, because you didn’t pass with their situations before, the Orphans are like any such children , in the same age, they want a mother to know their feelings , to tell their secrets, and to understand what they think of.

They want to know the feeling of a father, who cares for them, and works hard to hope his children an easy, comfortable and happy life.
They never thought that they can lose any of their parents one day, if so, they wouldn’t miss even a second with them in their life time, but what of that? You don’t know what is the fate hiding for you ? You didn’t think that the days will take someone dear to you , and what if this person was your father , or your mother ? The dearest to your heart than anyone else!

But what about the others, who were born fatherless ,, or lost their father, or mother when they were too young to understand the meaning of (parents) ? They may not feel the same as the others who – at least – live with their parents a short time , and began to understand each other , and lived together some time ,when love began to grow between them & suddenly they are choked to hear their parents lost for ever!

In both situations , I think – it is the worst feeling for anyone , I just can’t imagine the life without interacting in a way creamed with care , love and aid in the relationship between the parents and their children.
We all have to thank God a lot for that gift , hoped to us without asking to have it , this real gift that is hard to lose our parents.

you can go to visit, some special places for Orphans , there you can find the real meaning of ( losing parents ) , we – sure – can’t substitute the love and care of their parents with our love to them , but – at least -we will draw an innocent smile on their poor faces , your visit can cheer and amuse the many heart that were full of sorrow, and remember that feeling pity for the Orphans & keeping your mind thinking of them only isn’t enough to help them any thing.

GO, with some friends & visit them , this positive action will lead you to more , and be sure when you do this, that you don’t expect anything from other . You do this only to help some poor disappointed Children.

God will ask you how you treated people and how you helped others – with a pure intention -, and of course you want to answer happily that you did a lot – as much as you can – ,you are not an angel after all !

Helping Orphans is a small branch of many other ways for doing Good Deeds !

by Yomna Mady

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