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Great Deeds from Uzbekistan

On April 25, 2008 a group of students at the age of 9-10 years old with their parents and a teacher of English Nargiza Khasanova from school # 40 “Parvoz” from Ferghana city, Uzbekistan, visited a specialized school # 86 for physically disabled students to conduct a presentation and planting GYSD action.

Group of students presented information about history of GYSD and about volunteers. Then students and their parents planted trees together with disabled children, they taught students from specialized school how to plant trees and take care of them. At the end of the action students were divided into 5 teams and draw pictures on the topic “Save Your Earth”. All participants got sweet prizes. It was the first time when disabled students from school # 86 learned about GYSD and took part in planting trees as volunteers.

On April 23, 2008 in school 40 ‘Parvoz’ and local community “Shodiana” a GYSD day was conducted for 60 elementary school students of “Parvoz” school and 10 yanger children from makhallya ‘Shadiana” by a teacher of elementary school Larissa Abdurakhmanova.

In the morning a GYSD-lesson was suggested to the actions participants. They defined and discussed pluses and minuses of modern progress, Ferghana regional ecological problems and were thinking of what we should do to protect our nature and help our regional ecology. For the lesson the students prepared
their pictures where they expressed their opinion on the future of their motherland. After the lesson all the participants together planted flowers (daisies) in the yard of the school and in the streets of local Makhallya “Shadiyana”. Finally. The students draw pictures on the ground of their school about the future of of Nature in our city, our country and our world. The most important thing they have realized was WE CAN HELP OUR NATURE ALL TOGETHER!!!

On April 20, 2008 30 students from 9 Uzbek forms of school 40 “Parvoz” conducted a GYSD action. They cleaned the territory of summer camp “Yoshlarobod” in Vodil village of Ferghana region. Before their action five 9-graders found information about GYSD and made a presentation about this day and gave examples of GYSD actions in previous years in Uzbekistan. The teacher-coordinator was a teacher of Russian for Uzbek forms Navbahor Jumayeva. In the camp the first group of students were cleaning the yard and planted flowers, the second group of students were washing the rooms (doors, windows, floors). During the dinner break the GYSD-quiz was suggested to the act ion participants. At the end of the day the Summer Camp administration gave a thankful speech and invited the students to take part in the opening ceremony of the Summer Camp 2008 season in May.

On April 17, 2008 a group of 9-graders of Parvoz school and their coordinator Marguba Matkarimova conducted a GYSD and iEARN projects presentation and workshop for 30 older students from their school and 8 students from other schools . The participants have learnt about GYSD, volunteers’ movement in different countries. Students got aquainted with iEARN and one of its project “Good deeds”, read messages on the project forum. Also group of 9-graders presented their experience of helping old people from their community (makhallya “Shodiana”).
Working in 5 groups, students developed their own plan of helping and supporting old people of their makhallya. And during the April 22-26 week they made a list of lonely old people who need help and support. Students-volunteers visited old people at homes, cleaned their yards, rooms, helped with shopping in the market, cooked food. It was a real help to real people.

Nargiza Khasanova
Ferghana city, Uzbekistan

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