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Good Deeds at Nativity School

The good deeds that I have done are helping my mother cook my family$B!G(Bs food and helping plant my family$B!G(Bs garden in the summer. I also help my brother find things he has lost. Marin Emanuel

I gave my dog food and water at his dinnertime before my mom asked me. Abby Blenk

My good deed is helping my mom with blankets for Project Linus that gives blankets to the poor. I help find tacks and get labels. I also help bring the blankets to the car. Michael Spencer

My good deed was when I cooked dinner for my family after a long busy rainy day. Another good deed was to fold the laundry. Sydney Benning

I help with chores at my house. I sometimes help at a food pantry. Patrick McLaughlin

I empty the dish washer, feed the dog, help clean the house, shovel the front porch and driveway, and put away my laundry. Kassidi Puthoff

I help my mom make dinner. I also help my brother before school. I also help g rocery shopping. Nick Albrinck

My good deed is babysitting or watching kids while their parents are cooking. I help with the dishes, laundry and walking the dog. I feed the fish and cats. Sometimes I make the lunches. Kaitlin Coleman

My good deed is when I helped my grandma water flowers. Another good deed I did is when I helped cook. Kali Howard

I went to a soup kitchen and helped out. I cleaned my house and took out the trash each week. Arianna Mock

My good deed is that every day I go outside and if I see litter, I pick it up and throw it away. I also walk across the crosswalk to school in the morning instead of having my parents drive all the way into the parking lot. Sophie Lawson

My good deed is to walk so I stop polluting the air with the car. Promise Graves

I crocheted a baby blanket for my brother and finger knitted a scarf for my dad. Ellie Miller

I have helped my mom cleaning. I always help peopl e who are hurt. Evan Smyjunas

I donated food and money to people in need of it. I picked up trash in the park and threw it away. I take out the trash and pick up the recycling and recycle it. Garrett Longeway

My good deed is that I am in a club that does things like go to a food pantry to help with whatever they need and make hats for newborn babies in the hospital. Jack Garry

My good deed is doing the laundry – putting it in, washing , drying, folding, and taking it up to the rooms. Melanie Ruzga

My good deed is picking up all the trash that the people before us left in our yard at the new house. Another good deed is to take care of my pets. Imani Page

My good deed is that I share my stuff with those who do not have what they need. Grace Rimele

I help every week at school in the cafeteria after lunch pick up the trash that people leave. At home I wash the dishes and put them in my pantry. I also do the laundry. Every day we get groceries and put them away. Haley Knoffer

I help every Sunday with MPL (a senior center). I serve people and bring hot meals to people who can$B!G(Bt come to MPL. I do chores too. Jacob Lamb

My good deed is to try my hardest at anything that is given to me to do. Megan Glass

I helped my mom when she was sick. I made dinner, babysat my younger brother, and taken care of my mom. I feel better now that she is better. Arden Miller

My good deed was saving a dog from the pound. I take care of my dog and let it outside, feed it along with my cat. Sam Lewis

A good deed I have done would be to help my sister with her Math. I help her by playing math games with her and make math worksheets for her to do. I also have a Math website for her to play. Lizzie Neeb

My good deed is to help people in the hospital. I either make them laugh or send them a card. I always volunteer to help at home or at school. Jada Wheeler

My good deed is to play with my brother and sister. I help my brother with his homework and I help rake leaves in the winter and fall. Rehme Leanza

I take care of God$B!G(Bs creation. I help out by feeding my family$B!G(Bs cats. I really enjoy it because when they come, they seem so happy. Divya Kumar

I made a good effort to catch up with all my school work when I was out of town on a trip. Moriah Brown

My good deed was to go to a food pantry and help. Natalie Stegman

Every day after school on Tuesdays, I take in the recycling bin in the front yard so my mom doesn$B!G(Bt have to walk all the way up0n the driveway. I also take in the garbage cans for that same reason. Hannah Bernstein

I help reach things that my family can$B!G(Bt reach and help with other things around the house. Finnegan Dale

My good deed is when someone doesn$B!G(Bt have something to do or sit with at lunch, I let them b e with me. Another good deed is when my brother is doing homework I don$B!G(Bt play my recorder until he$B!G(Bs done. Olivia Severyn

One good deed is when I showed my homework what to do on his homework. Another is to walk the dogs when my dad got hurt. Bryan Badinghaus

My good deed is not giving up on my friends. Kurtis Rogers

When I get money I put some in a separate jar and I put some in a savings jar and I put some in a charity jar. I also walk my dog. Lee May

My good deed is helping my friends unpack and helping my team get ready. Kaleb Williams

My good deed is to take care of the environment. Nastia Cuppozzo

I helped my little friend work on his homework while he was at my house. Josh Tepe

I help take out my neighbor$B!G(Bs trash because she cannot get out. I also feed my cat. Myles Whitfield

This weekend I made and took some home-made treats to the elderly. I gave them cupcakes too. C hloe Arrasmith

I take the trash out and help clean around my house and my dad$B!G(Bs rental properties. I shoveled snow for my neighbors and us. Oscar Zimmerman

My good deeds is rescuing cats and playing with them so they can go to a new home. I also help my great grandma when we are at her house and my mom and sister go to the store. Rosie Solis

My good deeds are to help at a food pantry, assist 1st grade teachers with recycling, and take out my neighbor$B!G(Bs trash and recycling. Sam Buehler

I help people who need someone to watch their baby so they can study, fill out a form, or have to take a class. This helps because the people will have a better future. Jada Bedgood

I work around my house, give money or clothing, and do laundry. Alex Cox

I do nice things for my family and especially apologize. I include others in my games. Caroline Vesprani

My good deed is to help my sister whom is sick. When my mo m needs me I$B!G(Bm always there for her. Jahna Burgin

I try to help around the house and not have an attitude. I do what my parents say. They do more than we do. Alina Miller

Teacher: Patti Burwinkel
Cincinnati, Ohio USA

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