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Different Replies in One

Dear Sayyora Saidova

I’m Yomna mady from zahran school in egypt.

At first I’ll not introduce my school or project or talk alot about both of them as much as I’ll thank you..

I want to thank you very much about your great heart that is full of mercy and love to those poor children .. who – poorly – can’t hear you but of course they can understand you.. they understand the much pity you feel to them, that you brought all the gifts with love to them.. I hope you can do a lot other, So contact me your new friend,

Yomna Mady

Dear Mrs Karen..

It’s me yomna mady..
I’m from zahran school’s team, I heard that basem younis -a second partener of the team- told you about our small website,I hope that you and your students can visit it so you can know a little about our school project and about all of us.
I hope that you enjoy your tour in it and freely tell me about your opinions and send me , so we can share our ideas together about good deeds.
Also I’ll be glad if I heard from your team.. and happily reply your and their messages.
yours / Yomna Mady

Dear mohamed..

I’m yomna mady.. from zahran school team in Alexandria too. Firstly I want to announce you that the orphans need our help , they are really poor children, when i read your message I imagined their happy and big smiles when someone went to them, please try to imagine their love to you when they knew that some one cares about them, and bring them gifts.

I think that you are right to go visit them , but I think that there is alot more for you to do, not for Orphas only. but for other peaple who need your help..

Yomna Mady

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