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Tolerance – 2

To understand how true this is, remember about those, who are sick, homeless, poor and indigent, invalid and just different than you are. What do you feel? Patience or irritation? Sympathy or aversion (disgust)? Do you take it in stride as reality of life or does it boggle your mind or do you reject them? Ask yourself: am I tolerant? The next question should be: what must I do to be tolerant? Do your best not to make harm, try to understand, sympathize and help others. It means the possibility to understand how difficult it is for some people to feel themselves as having problems not only with health but appearance, character, behavior, manners. Who can carry the weight of the world on one’s shoulders? – No one!

P.S. my name is Yulia, I attend classes at school 125 in Snezhinsk, Russia.

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