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The Missing Wallet

Hello, Last week was the worst week yet to come. My wallet was stolen from me in the college of education building on Monday. It contained everything in it including my driver license,social security card and a lot of other important piece of info rmation I had a hard time retrieving all of this information back because you needed one to get the other. That wallet also contained about $150, but that was the last of my concerns even though I needed the money to get new ID. Like a page written from a novel, I received a $50 money order in the mail with no return address on both the envelope and the money order. I do not know who sent the money order, but I suppose it was the person who has my wallet. If not either way I am grateful for this and I was able to receive my drivers license and all of my other information because of the money. Thank You

Kamilah Williamson Atlanta GA Georgia State University

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