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Great Deed in Alexandria!

Dear Folks,

I heard about a great achievement and initiative that took place in Alexandria lately by the help of the students of Alexandria University. A group of students took the lead in initiating a project to provide a governmental hospital in Alex. with a full artificial kidney unit. Kidney diseases and problems is a common serious problem in Egypt. Many Egyptian suffer from this problem and they have to clean their blood every two or three days, otherwise they die. It is usually very expensive and not affordable for many people to go to these hospitals because of the limits of the facilities in hand in most of hospitals or because these equipment are usually very expensive.

Some business people sometimes volounteer to provide financial support to these people. The interesting point here is that, this time young students and youth were those who took the lead to “make their dream true” and they managed to provide this hospital with the equipment and support needed. To have a look at the pictures of this sucecss story, visit this URL:

Thanks again to all those great positive students.


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