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Different Good deeds from our Friends in Egypt 😉

Students in this project are help others in any good work ,with out thanks because it is a volunteer work , also we try to know the problems we may be faces it in our project and try to discuss it . and suggest some solutions about this problem, and share it.

*- ask our friends to help us in our project , and ask our teachers to support us.

Ask the volunteer person to start what he can do .

* divided all of us into groups , make a time line , every week we make a meeting to share what we done . And know how can every one make a important role in his/her society to changing the World

And know the ways to helped any one need your support or your help

* each one tell us a good deeds in her life , and if he get the opportunity to do it another time , if he do it again or no , or do it but good more then previous time.

* Also tried to collect the money from the students , parents, teacher and business man in our governorate in RAMADAN ( holy month ) to send it in Charity ,

* some students get us any thing from her homes, like clothes , books and toys , to help any beggar need it. All time must be remember The God with us and help us , to do best

*.Age of project participants: all

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