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AIDS is america’s killer. 8,000 people are dying every day from aids. 5,000,000 a year are are infected with hiv. count the zeros. thats six zeros. all these people who deserve to live are dead or dying. we need more education about aids in school and out in the world. people are ignoring the risk of sex and needle sharing. it can cause aids which = death. DEATH means to be decease. dead with your body rotting in the ground. means love ones crying over you cuz of a mistake you made that infected yourse lf with aids. DEATH means never seeing your mom, dad, sisters, brothers, friends, teachers, grandparents, your room, your things, pets, even your enemies. thats alot to lose. do you want to lose ALL that? you will also miss tasting food, hanging out with friends. playing out side on a warm suny day in the summer , laughing so hard you think your lungs would explode. all that is NOT worth losing over alittle mistake you did. is it? NO HELP educate people the warnigs and effect aids have.

lindsay :frown: :frown:

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