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Goog Deeds from Al-khalili School in Oman

A group of students from AL-Khalili school from Oman – Nizwa visited about 60 sick children aged of new born to 8 years old. First the were welcomed by the in charge of the hospital Saad AL-Hadhrami. Then they met the children and sat with them for a short time playing with them and sharing good time with them. Next the gave each children a nice gift to enter the happiness and pleasure into their hearts. It was great moments in deed they saw the nice smiles in their faces and their moms’ faces as well.After that the left the hospital with tears because the saw very scary sights in all hospital’s wards especially children wards.

Before the leave the in charge of the hospital gave the students some information about the hospital such as, when it was built, the number of staff in the hospital, the number of beds and so on. Finally students left the hospital and returned it their school.

Yassir Al-Rashdi
Al-khalili school

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