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Character Counts in Canada

Janeville Elementary School has undertaken a character education project that focuses on the six Pillars of Character of the Character Counts initiative of the Josephson Institute of Ethics in California . Each month one pillar is the focus of an introductory school-wide assembly, discussed in individual classrooms and is highlighted in morning announcements.

Each student is then tasked to find a specific example during the month when they displayed the featured characteristic and to write about it. This example is signed by both the student and a parent and brought to school. Students who return the signed examples are rewarded with a bracelet inscribed with the featured pillar to be worn as a reminder of the importance of having good character. We want to share our stories because we know that if we all displayed the pillars of good character we would be able to “Change the World”.

In the month of November we learned about being trustworthy. This means that we are honest, we tell the truth, we keep promises and secrets and we are loyal so people can trust us. Trustworthy people don’t lie, steal or cheat. They have the courage to do the right thing and to stand up for what they believe even when it is hard to do.

The following are examples of how students at Janeville Elementary School were trustworthy:

Kindergarten Students

Arianna: “I told Mommy the truth about my time outs.”

Jacob: “I watched my little sister for my mom in our living room while she folded laundry and cooked our supper.”

Colby: “One of my friends told me a secret and I never told any-one.”

Taylor: “I kept a secret from mommy about her Christmas gift.”

Grade One Students

Allyson: “I told the truth when Mommy asked me questions about putting water on my goop and also when I told Mommy that I watched TV already that day.”

Taylor : “I promised my mom I would help keep my room clean and make my bed.”

Jack: “I took care of my dog when my mom was away. I helped my dad when my mom was away.”

Sydney: “I played cards with my Mom and I did not cheat. I followed the rules. Playing a game is a good way to practice being trustworthy.”

Cody: “I didn’t push Breanna into her bed. Daddy trusted me to go over to Nanny’s.”

Sheradin: “I kept a secret of the present for my cousin’s birthday.”

Grade Two Students

Tiffany: “My mom trusted me to feed the fish and my cat.”

Matthew: “This month I was trustworthy because I helped out with my baby brother when my mom needed me.”

Nathan: “I kept a promise to mommy to behave properly in church. I haven’t stolen anything ever or cheated.”

Jesse: “I promised to make a Titanic picture for my friend and I did it for my friend.”

Rebecca: “I was told a secret and I kept it.”

Brett: I lost my glasses and I told mom and dad instead of hiding it.”

Jacob: “I tell my mom the truth when I do something wrong.”

Alexa: I gave my mummy the change from the hairdresser when I got my hair cut with my nanny.”

Grade Three Students

Dwayne: “I helped my mom with the groceries and put them away and I did.”

Spencer: “My mom trusted me to feed my dog.”

Shelby: I promised my mom that I would not cry about going to Mimi’s on Friday when I really didn’t want to go.”

Jordan J.: “I helped mom. My mom and dad were sick with the flu. I was very trustworthy, she said, by helping her do things and keeping Jared out of trouble.”

Grade Four Students

Brittany: “Every weekend when I go to my grandmother’s house, she goes somewhere and I take care of her dog. I feed the dog, walk her and she goes to use the washroom outside. That’s what I do for my grandma.”

Ashlyn: “I told my friends that I would play with them next recess because I was playing with my other friends this recess. That’s why I am trustworthy at school and at home. I said what I was going to do.”

Darian: My friend Alesha called and said that she was throwing a party for our friend

Ariana. I was going to call her but Alesha said not to tell her about the party. I did not and she had a big surprise at the party.”

James: “I told my Grampy that I would go to the store with him and I went with him.”

Jordan H.: “I accidentally broke a window and I told my parents and I paid for a new window.”

Grade Five Students

Ian: “I took my dog for a walk because my mom asked me to when she went on a vacation and I said yes. He really needed to go for a walk. I said I would take care of my brother and I did.”

Samantha: “I was helping Jenni and Grace with taking down the bulletin boards. I could have left them to do it by them selves but I stayed t help them instead.”

Jenni: “I always did my homework on time when my mother asked me to. I was asked to look after all our parcels so mom could go in a small store. That was how I was a trustworthy person.”

Grace: “I found money at the store. My mom asked me if the money was mine and I said no and gave it to the person that had lost it.”

Kelly: I went over to my neighbour’s house and my mom told me to be back by 6:45 and I promised her I would be home by 6:45 and at 6:45 I was home.

Christina: “My mom trusts me to look after Connor when she goes to get a bath or check the fire so that is how I know what trustworthy is.”

Heather Smith,
Principal, Janeville School

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