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Re: How could we make the world a better place?

Hey Tara,

Working together can bring success, united we are strong!! It is possible to make the world a better place, if we join together as one we can make the world a better place.

Nuria from New York City


Re: Pay it Forward

Hey Stacie,

I saw the movie and i thought it was very touching. If we paid it forward, if we passed on nice deeds the world would be a better place. Like if we build schools in under-developed countries, or send nurses and doctors to under-developed countries, fundraise money for […]

Pay it Forward What if we lived our lives in such a way that it changed others around us? If you have not seen the movie, โ€œPay it Forwardโ€ you should. It is a simply story of a boy who sets out to do three unexplained, underserved nice deeds to three complete strange rs and […]

hello,mrs ghada,i’m diana sabry,16 years old,from old secondary school for girls,at kfs. Our teacher is Amel elhosseiny.Our project this year is vision pollution.if you have any information for that, Please;send me messages on my e-mail: bayyyyy.

Diana Sabry

How to win in life hi dear freind,

I`m Tolou from Iran. in my opinion if someone wants to win in the life he/she should tolerate problems and fails should`nt disappoint him/her this person shoud have hopes even in the worse times in the life. thnkx for your intresting subject.

:sheepish: ๐Ÿ˜€

“setareh baradaran” […]

hi dear shude when I see a beggar person in street at first I think that whether he/she is really beggar or no? if I sure that he/she is really beggar I’ll help him/her. but important matter is that money is not every thing for them and they need to some things more important than […]

Not the pious but…. Dear Fellows

just want to say that

“not the pious but those who will care,share and forgive will establish a heaven on this earth”.

This world needs tolerance and understanding each other’s belief and to respect that,so that you get respect from others in this regard. we know […]

Dear Anna, Aziza, Veronika, Dilya, Ilsiya, Dinara, Islam, Nasiba, Nigina, all dear friends in Bukhara and all over the world..

You can not imagine my happiness and pleasure while reading every single word you wrote from your simple hearts about poor people, being friendly to others, changing the world and changing one’s own sel […]

Hi, my name is Veronika. I’m from Uzbekistan, Bukhara city. I agree with you. I’ve never seen a person who became happy with his money. Sometimes people can give all their money for happiness, love, or health.Now we can hear that we can everything buy and sell. But it isn’t so,because it is impossible to […]

Dear Joanna You have wonderfull job from your heart. Recently i have also been in orphanage house and thanks god that i have parents who love me.I love them very much.Keep in touch.

AZIZA Bukhara Uzbekistan ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚