Welcome to my personal portfolio! My name is Ismail Fayed and I’m an English Lecturer and E-Learning Specialist with over 17 years of experience in the fields of teaching English, educational technology and teacher training.I like teaching and education and most recently developed an interest in entrepreneurial and critical thinking strategies.

There are a lot to personally learn in this world, but I would like here to tell you a little about myself.. In the past, I have worked as an English Lecturer in the Foundation English Program at Qatar University. I also volunteered with international teacher training communities such as TESOL, Qatar TESOL, TESOL Arabia and Egypt TESOL. I have a PhD in Educational Technology from the University of Science Malaysia and a MA in Educational Technology and TESOL from Manchester University. Prior to that, I completed a two year post-graduate professional diploma from Ain Shams University and a BA in education from Mansoura University in Egypt. With a vivid interest in educational technology, I have worked in several voluntary, mobile learning and educational technology research projects including e-learning, Web 2.0, media production and most recently m-learning.


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