susannenyrop: I'm with you

Yahoo! Messenger: teca2002pt joined the conference.

ismailfayed: good

teca2002pt: good morning from the lisbon area to everyone!

ismailfayed: Good morning teca

susannenyrop: You can also invite Venny in Taiwan

ismailfayed: Good morning everybody

Yahoo! Messenger: vance_stevens joined the conference.

susannenyrop: This is Susanne from Denmark, not far from Copenhagen

susannenyrop: Morning, Vance and Ismail

vance_stevens: hello

teca2002pt: morning, vance!

ismailfayed: Vance and I are broadcasting from Cairo now, it is  a.m. and the weather is nice

ismailfayed: J

teca2002pt: what time is it?

ismailfayed: 10 a.m.

susannenyrop: here in Denmark,  it is 9 .17 am

ismailfayed: Vance is presenting our community to the attendees here in Cairo now

ismailfayed: Till we get the audio enabled

vance_stevens: I'm about to take a picture

susannenyrop: we have a cold day, minus  3 but high sunshine

teca2002pt: i've taken a print screen.

susannenyrop: Do you plan to meet us in Tapped In, too, as a backup?

teca2002pt: how long is your presentation, ismael?

ismailfayed: Vance is there at tapped in:


susannenyrop: No, Vance is not with us in Tapped In , he was cut off long ago

ismailfayed: let me see

teca2002pt: sus, where is venny? he's not at ti.

ismailfayed: I see him opening the tapped in window on the other computer

susannenyrop: he is in Yahoo I think

susannenyrop: his id is vennysou

susannenyrop: Ismail, invite venny  - he is awake

ismailfayed: Do you see other members who are not invited to the conf.

teca2002pt: i don't, ismael.

susannenyrop: no

susannenyrop: Daf said she would come , and Aiden

susannenyrop: I can mail them

susannenyrop: might wake them up J

susannenyrop: ismail, did you invite venny

ismailfayed: Well, I am tryijng to save small cl;ips and will send them to you

ismailfayed: no

ismailfayed: ask her to send me a hi

susannenyrop: he wish to be with us

ismailfayed: ok give me his ID

susannenyrop: do you have vennysou on your list

ismailfayed: not really

susannenyrop: his id si vennysou

Yahoo! Messenger: vennysou joined the conference.

teca2002pt: welcome, venny!

susannenyrop: Hi Venny! Welceom to virtual Cairo

vennysou: Hello

teca2002pt: what time is it for you,venny?

vennysou: nice to meet you Cairo J

vennysou: it's 4:31 pm now

teca2002pt: wow, what a difference. it's 8.30 in lisbon!!!

vennysou: the sun is setting

susannenyrop: Now  we are: vance and Ismail in cairo, Teresa in Portugal, Susanne in Denmark - and Venny in Taiwan

teca2002pt: i've just started my day! and a little earlier today. J

ismailfayed: HI Venny welcome to the conf.

Yahoo! Messenger: ismailfayed has left the conference.

vennysou: Thanks for your invitation, Ismail



teca2002pt: a new conference! ok!

susannenyrop: New conference window?

vennysou: another conference?

ismailfayed: lol, no I just lost the first window

ismailfayed: you can close the first and remain here

vennysou: vance is lost L

susannenyrop: I saved the first log

susannenyrop: Ismail, how is your presentation going? Doi you show your Power point slides?

teca2002pt: did he disappear in cyberspace?

ismailfayed: We are presenting the different web pages of the communit

susannenyrop: I have the slides on a second screen, very convenient

ismailfayed: The courses and tapped in etc

ismailfayed: Vance showed them the old chat logs too

susannenyrop: How many guests do you have in the room?

vennysou: Teresa, how's your country?

ismailfayed: enough J

ismailfayed: listen I am trying to send you files now, if you get prompted for that, please accept

teca2002pt: in waht sense, venny?

teca2002pt: it's a beautiful country with very diverse scenery, nice people and a less nice climate these days.

ismailfayed: Sus. are you there?

vennysou: firewall problem?

ismailfayed: try to download it from yahoo server

ismailfayed: it will ask u for that now

vennysou: got it

ismailfayed: good

vennysou: see some guys

vennysou: Teresa, did you help me to test yahoo messenger in Mac the other day?

teca2002pt: no, venny, i didn't.

susannenyrop: yes

teca2002pt: i did, sus?

susannenyrop: I am still here, I was mailing to our list J

susannenyrop: Are you sending files now, Ismail?

susannenyrop: I started to download an .avi file

susannenyrop: 381 kb

susannenyrop: transfer failed, a mac issue I am afraid

vennysou: 384

susannenyrop: Venny, did your system take the file yet?

teca2002pt: i can't seem to find mine.

vennysou: Teresa, I misunderstand as another user from South America but are studying in Spain now J

vennysou: yep, I got the file

vennysou: and see it.

vennysou: only some guys there J

susannenyrop: Venny, you can mail it to our yahoo group, then if you like to share it

ismailfayed: hi, we're still here

susannenyrop: Hi Ismail!

ismailfayed: we're talking to group

ismailfayed: we're taking pictures

susannenyrop: Venny is looking at your video file

vennysou: let me test voice if possible

teca2002pt: how many people are with you, ismail? a big group?

teca2002pt: go ahead, venny

vennysou: I can here you Teresa

susannenyrop: Ismail, invite Aiden!!!

teca2002pt: great! loud? low?

vennysou: let me invite them, OK?

susannenyrop: Aiden is online in Yahoo now

susannenyrop: It has to me Ismail who invites as this is his conference, i think

vennysou: but he seems to be busy.

teca2002pt: i think so, too, because he started it.

susannenyrop: well, then ...

vennysou: I hate the ads under my yahoo window

susannenyrop: I have NO ads

teca2002pt: me, too, very irritating!

ismailfayed: My name is Sabry Estafanous I"d like to join you

susannenyrop: xHello Sabry

susannenyrop: welcome to Webheads


susannenyrop: This is Susanne in Copenhagen

ismailfayed: My name is Sabry Estafanous and I'd like to join you

teca2002pt: good morning from lisbon, sabry!

vennysou: Hi, Sabry

vennysou: Good afternoon from Taipei.

susannenyrop: I'm Susanne Nyrop, a graduate student at the Danish University of Education in Copenhagen - I am logging in from my home connection

vennysou: Sabry, do you fix the firewall problem?

vennysou: can you see my webcam now?

ismailfayed: how are you doing

susannenyrop: Thanlk you, fine, and how are you, Sabry :-?

susannenyrop: Can you invite Aidenyeh?

ismailfayed: we still having the firewall unfortunatelly

susannenyrop: Aiden from Taiwan is ready to meet us , she is here in Yahoo, too - but she need an invitation from Ismail's list of Friends

ismailfayed: I dont see her online

susannenyrop: oh

susannenyrop: I 'll tell her to logoff and login again

susannenyrop: sometims this helps

vennysou: I can see her online

ismailfayed: It's the first time for me to communicat I don't know Ismail's group

susannenyrop: Great, Sabry, you're doing just fine

ismailfayed: Ismail/  Aiden appears offline to me

susannenyrop: she might try to get back in a new connection

ismailfayed: Finally I did it

susannenyrop: she has requested you for an invitation, try to see if another window is hiding somewhere

susannenyrop: oh cool!

teca2002pt: have to go, everyone! family duties await me! have a nice day!

teca2002pt: bye! J

susannenyrop: Bye Tere

susannenyrop: see you later

vennysou: bye, Teresa

susannenyrop: J

susannenyrop: That's for teresa, my friend in Portugal

Yahoo! Messenger: teca2002pt has left the conference.

susannenyrop: Now, Venny, are you still here? I did not get your webcam, my connection is not too good.

Yahoo! Messenger: aidenyeh joined the conference.

susannenyrop: Aiden is back, did her name come

aidenyeh: i'm in

susannenyrop: Did you get aidenyeh on the list now?

susannenyrop: Good!!!

susannenyrop: Hi Aiden

vennysou: welcome, Aiden

susannenyrop: We are in virtual Cairo now

aidenyeh: ok, do we  have voice?

vennysou: I turn off my webcam

vennysou: I have voice

susannenyrop: sorry, no voice, no webcam I am afraid, firewall issue

ismailfayed: welcome aiden

susannenyrop: A firewall in Cairo

aidenyeh: thanks

aidenyeh: should remove my cam then

aidenyeh: so we can't see what's happening?

susannenyrop: Would have been fun...

susannenyrop: but they're recording the video for later use

aidenyeh: yes, it would have

aidenyeh: really so this is just a warm up activity then?

susannenyrop: Venny managed to download a chunk of .avi  video from Ismail

aidenyeh: good

susannenyrop: no, sorry, this is the very conference, the technicians were late

aidenyeh: then we could see it later, perhaps

susannenyrop: Vance was waiting for an hour to get the cable connection

aidenyeh: and to no avail?

susannenyrop: It seem like this is a dialup?

aidenyeh: where's Tere?

susannenyrop: I'm not sure

aidenyeh: seems like my blue tooth

susannenyrop: Tere just left, she was  busy and hungry I think J

ismailfayed: The session is finishing now and we did not get it, forunately, we managed to get some clips and still shots besides the text that Vance may be able to upload later on

susannenyrop: Teresa has been with us for an hour

susannenyrop: Ok thank you for hosting us J

aidenyeh: that's good

susannenyrop: thank you from Denmark

aidenyeh: thanks,

susannenyrop: (and sorry for all the typos, I'm too fast on the return key L

aidenyeh: anyway

aidenyeh: sorry for being late

susannenyrop: It was good to see you in last minute, Aiden J

ismailfayed: BYE


aidenyeh: I didn't know that the MA students' oral interview would take that long

susannenyrop: Ok, bye

aidenyeh: ok


This is an instant message between Aiden and Sus (time around 8:45 GMT)

aidenyeh: is it over?

susannenyrop: Hi!!!

aidenyeh: sorry. am late

aidenyeh: finished interviewing MA students

susannenyrop: I asked Ismai lo to invite you

aidenyeh: ok

aidenyeh: how long has it been?

susannenyrop: well   -I don't know exactly, half an hour I think

susannenyrop: Ismail seem to be busy

susannenyrop: it has to be him who invites as he opened the conference wondow  i think

aidenyeh: can you ask ismael to invite me?

aidenyeh: are we using TI?

susannenyrop: Tere and I are in TI, but Cairo has a firewall issue

aidenyeh: is the conference stll on?

susannenyrop: Yes

susannenyrop: Another guy is using Ismail's computer

susannenyrop: I'm trying to make him understand how to invite you J

susannenyrop: Aiden, he cannot see you online, try to login again

aidenyeh: what's his yahooid?

susannenyrop: ismailfayed

susannenyrop: did you logoff and come back? he still does not see you

aidenyeh: i've added him to my list and requested for an invitation

susannenyrop: he says he did it

aidenyeh: should I close TI?

susannenyrop: no, better close this and get back

aidenyeh: ok

Yahoo! Messenger: aidenyeh has signed back in


susannenyrop: Vance is here still

aidenyeh: vance says they're taking lots of pics

susannenyrop: can you invite us for a conference?

aidenyeh: ok

susannenyrop: lost you

aidenyeh: back in the conference

aidenyeh: i invited vance


In  another window:


aidenyeh: i can't see vance's name

aidenyeh: ok, sus

Yahoo! Messenger: vance_stevens has declined the conference providing the following message:

aidenyeh: let's wait for vance

aidenyeh: but i can't see your name, vance

susannenyrop: he left us

susannenyrop: This is so confusing

susannenyrop: Vance invites for another conference but got logged off

aidenyeh: ok

aidenyeh: let's wait for them while i check my mailbox

susannenyrop: we're running two parallel conferences

aidenyeh: huh?

aidenyeh: i only have this window, sus

aidenyeh: vance says he has to go anyway

susannenyrop: ok

aidenyeh: can we choose this one?

susannenyrop: yes

aidenyeh: ok