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Special Achievements & Awards


"Individuals have their own histories of faithful endeavors.
                    They say that histories are of irreplaceable value,
                              and they wish that many people of the same faith will join them..

                                                               Have fun, Ismail

  6. ThinkQuest Africa Gold Award for coaching an African team and developing an educational web-based project for students, "Cultural Insight" in the ThinkQuest Africa 2003, Botswana April 26 – May3, 2003.

  5. Coach Best Achievement Award. Winners of an honorary mention Award of one of the best 500 educational web sites around the world for year 2001, from the Think Quest International Judging Committee, for developing an educational web site, "English Techno-Nile"

  4. The project was awarded the online BTDesign Award for Approved Site Winners – 2002:

  3. Coordinating the production of the "Best Practices Videos” project, which included the production of eight methodology and teaching practices on video-based and compact disks formats for teacher training purposes under Congress Library (ISBN 0-89492-113-4) in 2002.
  2. Coordinating the production of the “School-Based Training” book for EFL teachers in Egypt, IELP-II publication 2001
  1. Assisting in the page layout, proof editing, and publishing of the “Interactive Video Conferencing Handbook” for EFL teachers and trainers in Egypt.

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