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Good Deeds in Bahrain

This is Alaa Isam , one of IEARN – West Riffaa secondary girls school in Bahrain. It’s my second year in IEARN team , but I actually think that I just started. Our beginning was with the good deeds project and we successed. What we have done is that we created a weekly cafe in our school during the break time and it was about a specific country every week. Well , we achieved and we earned about 190 BD which equivalent to 494$ .

If you are wondering what we are going to do with the money , I will tell you that we bought some stuff for the special needs society. In the end, I hope if all of the people around the world can do the and help the others . This way we will live in a better world.

Alaa Isam
West Riffaa secondary school for girls

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