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A Poem about education

Education is important
Right from when an infant 

Education is not about college
It entails a wider range of knowledge
Supplying a market of skills shortage

Education is great
It creates and decides upon ones fate
Never leave it too late

Education makes it a priority
To provide you with opportunities

So I say
OK! Up! Education
Feed the Nations
Up! Education

Education is in abundance
A constituent of importance
As we humans advance
It offers us life$B!G(Bs insurance

Education is the key to set you free
From joblessness condemnation

Education is the key to flee
From endless financial frustration

Education provides you with ammunition
To tackle any country, state or nation

Education gives you immunisation
Against surviving global frustration

Education relieves you
From absurd ignorance

Education exempts you and me
From parental allowance
For most adults
It is usually a concerning disturbance

So I say
OK! Up! Education
Feed the Nations
Up! Education

I take my time to stress once more
It is the path to successes door
Education is a treasure
One cannot significantly measure
By only your life$B!G(Bs attended lectures

Education is power
Your immediate answer
To questions that remain unanswered

Education is for all
Embrace it or fall

Education provides options
And sets the motion
In life for you to function

So I say
OK! Up! Education
Feed the Nations
Up! Education
Education is the name of the game

Ahmed Jasem

17 comments to A Poem about education

  • sana ahmed

    very good poem i like it too much yes it is good about education very very nice when i read this i enjoyed alot.

  • harliequin arafiles

    It inspires me a lot, i do much like it. It’s nice, I’ve also copied it for our presentation reading a poem in class regarding education for I also to share this wonderful poem of yours………

  • flo are right this kind of poem i love is the key of the life i like this poem more then every thing

  • shweta rawat

    awesome poem !!!!! i enjoyed d poem very much while reading

  • guntash

    it is just awesome and inspiring .!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • poems are nice and this is even much better

  • akanksha

    ur poem is good butttttttt too longggggggg…… education is
    key to sucess……!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • angelica san pedro aguilar

    nice one !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lyke it :)
    awesome ??//

  • friends as you alll know that education is a must in india education was worst and now with so much of struggle and determination and the r5esult is in front of u all. if you all want to make up your minds and achieve your goal so be the achievers of your nation as youths are the future of developing india

  • n. arun


  • tooooooo!!!!!!!! longggggg butttt also very inspiring and gooooooooooood.

  • naseem soomro

    your poem of education is excellent and i will teach it to my students ….thankyou

  • Sejal pagare

    very nice!education leads us towards success.very useful for me. Thankyou!

  • Maybelle Dequillo

    This poem is really great!..THANKS!!!!.. :)

  • Thabile Ndhlovu

    what a very interesting and inspiring poem, i like it thanks

  • way too long try putting it in a capsule and maybe it would be better……………….but over all I liked it so…….educational and ggoooodd for kids……………….liked it well done

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