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Good Deeds Poem…..!!!

I am so happy to star over in this project and I would like to start with this modest poem which I dedicate to all participants in this project.

wish you all the best
Aicha Smaili
Moulay Ismail School
Meknes Morocco.

Good Deeds

God has beautifully created the universe,

Open widely to people of different races.

Old, middle aged and young to get across,

Doing good things and providing services

Dealing with each other and share,

Emerge, work, get, take and give,

Embellish the earth and of each other care,

Do their best, struggle for the well being and live,

Show gratitude to God and try to be

Aicha Smaili
Moulay Ismail School
Meknes, Morocco

1 comment to Good Deeds Poem…..!!!

  • shandeep

    nice poem …. really appreciating and creating intellectual awareness on why we came on earth and what we are suppose to do in this world…..

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