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Indonesia: Simple Good Deed in the Bus

My name is Indhie Hanifah and I live in Serpong, but I study in Senior High School 1 Bogor. One day, I wanted to go to Bogor by bus. I was sitting in the bus when the old lady got into the bus and stood beside me. She looked tired, so I gave my seat to her. I knew I would be tired but I was happy because I have done something good.

A few weeks later, when I went to Bogor from Serpong by bus again, I had no seat, and I had to stand up in the crowded bus until the bus arrived in Bogor, it was a long and bad journey. I started to get sick. Suddenly, there was a man who gave me his seat because I might look pale. I will never forget his favor, and I had an impression that if we help other, some day we’ll need other people’s help, it’ll come. Trust me.


2 comments to Indonesia: Simple Good Deed in the Bus

  • indhie hanifah

    woow…!! that was my story and I forgot that I've ever written it..

    i can't imagine that my story could be in this web… i just want to say thank you and you know what? it motivates me to do the best in my life (even it just one tiny thing)and share happiness to the other

  • hudak


    it's really good deed! we're proud of you. continue doing more and more good deeds. we always support you.

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